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Ship Rd. Snack Stand Signups
It was great to see the kids back on the fields this past weekend,...
Miscellaneous League Updates
Hi, ELL families. Opening Day is almost here, and we are so excited...
Sponsors List
Hello, ELL families. Every year, Exton Little League relies on...
Ship Rd. Snack Stand Signups

It was great to see the kids back on the fields this past weekend, and with that the reopening of the Ship Rd. snack stand. I know my kids were excited and immediately asked to get something from the snack stand when my youngest son's game was over.

Now, with the snack stand back in operation, we need volunteers. Keep in mind that the snack stand is currently only open for the Saturday games. We ask volunteers to work the stand in 1 1/2 hour shifts, and to arrive a few minutes early so that the person working the stand can leave when their shift is over. Also, please understand that you are required to wear a mask when working the snack stand.

To sign up to volunteer, please use this form. 

Speaking of the snack stand, we are in need of a new, standard size working refrigerator. If you have one to donate please contact directly. 

Thanks, and hope to see you soon!

by posted 04/11/2021
Miscellaneous League Updates

Hi, ELL families. Opening Day is almost here, and we are so excited to have a great year. Volunteers have put in a lot of time and effort to get this season ready; we couldn't do it without all their help.

We want to give an update on some things you might be wondering about.

Ship Field Snack Stand

The snack stand will be open this Saturday, and every Saturday throughout the season. In the beginning, the snack stand will be strictly cash only, and everything will be grab-and-go style. We will have sodas (Coke products), Powerade, water, apple juice, and sweet tea. We will also have a nice selection of candy and chips, and we hope to have more options available as the year goes on.

However, we can't do this without more help; we need volunteers to help run the snack stand this season, and hope to have a Google Doc or a Sign-Up Genie set up by next weekend in which we will solicit for an hour or hour-and-a-half time slots. If anyone would like to volunteer to help this weekend please contact

Team Store

At this point, we expect to have everything that was ordered from the team store by April 15. We will send another notice once we have everything; the plan is to have pick-up at the Ship Rd complex, but stay tuned!

by posted 04/07/2021
Sponsors List

Hello, ELL families.

Every year, Exton Little League relies on sponsors to help our league meet its financial obligations. Without our sponsors, it would difficult to maintain the league year-in and year-out. This year, our new Director of Sponsorships—Billy Divito—has worked tirelessly to get commitments from local companies and organizations to support our league. 

Now, more than ever our local businesses need our help. Our sponsors include schools, restaurants, landscaping companies, car dealers, and health care providers, to name a few. Please take a few minutes to view our Sponsors page or go to the Sponsors tab, and let's help our sponsors by shopping at their places of business.

by posted 03/22/2021
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