Below are the guidelines for the All Star Tournament Team selection process for team participation, and coach and player selection for all star teams for boys aged 9-16.  The goal of these events is to select the top players, as determined by on-field performance but with the acknowledgement that the process is still highly subjective, to represent Exton Little League in competitive tournament play.  

  1. Team Participation.  The VP of Baseball will determine, in mid-May, the teams that will participate in the District 27 All Star Tournaments.  The tournaments generally begin in mid-June and run through the end of July.  The district generally holds the following events:
    1. 9 year old all star “special games” tournament (up to 2 teams)
    2. 10, 11, 12 (international) district all star tournaments (winners advance) 
    3. 9/10 Invitational & 11/12 (John Klein) Invitational
    4. Juniors (13/14) and Seniors (15/16) all star tournaments
    5. Junior league Invitational
  2. ​Coach Selection. Prospective coaches must have coached at some level (either as manager or an assistant) during the preceding spring season and can either request consideration for selection or be nominated by another league member.  From the pool of self or peer-nominated coaches, other coaches in the respective division (e.g. Roberts coaches for the 10-year old all star team) and select umpires will vote on the nominees.  The VP of Baseball (or a designee if a conflict of interest exists) will make the final decision based on the feedback received.  The selected coaches will then have the opportunity to select one assistant coach. 
  3. Player Selection. Only boys that are the appropriate league age are eligible for selection to an all star team (i.e. only league age 9 eligible for 9 year old all star team, league age 10 for 10 year old all star team, etc.)  The only exception is the International Team, which may consist of up to three league-age 11 year olds.  Player selection will consist of three components (four in the case of the International Team).


    1. Coach Nominations – each coach will rank order their top 15 players for selection to the all star team (25 in the case of the 9s).  Players that appear in the top 12 of every ballot are automatically eligible for the team.  Remaining players will be chosen based on rank order and items b., c., and d.(International Team only)
    2. Division Coaches Player Selection Meeting – facilitated by Division Director or selected designee, will involve managers only (no assistants) discussing recommendations for the remaining roster after step a. above.
    3. Manager selection – named managers will have the ability to have final say on roster recommendations after step a.
    4. Player selection (International Team only) – Ashburn players will be given a ballot to nominate the top 6 players for the International Team.  

Player Confirmation and Roster Finalization. After the first 12 for each primary team have been selected, an email should be sent out by the VP of baseball indicating that the child is being “considered” for the team.  This email will also explain the expectations around time commitment (generally 100% available for practices and games), playing time, and expectations of parents with regards to respecting manager decisions.  This is done to first verify that the child and parent agree to expectations and are available, BEFORE slots are secured.  This should happen roughly three weeks prior to the start of the tournament.  Once the roster for the district all star teams have been selected, and prior to their communication, the rosters for the 9/10 Invitational Team AND the 11/12 John Klein team should also be finalized.  All notifications should be sent out at the same time by respective managers.