Exton Little League

Minor I (Carlton) Division Guidelines


The Minor I division is a developmental division that introduces full kid pitch, umpires and generally follows all the rules of baseball while continuing to focus on developing players' fundamental skill set and enjoyment of the game.   


Rules of Play:

Offensive lineup considerations

  • A continuous batting order will be used (i.e., each player will bat in order, regardless of whether they are currently playing the field)
  • Ideally, the batting order should be varied from game to game (the same player should not bat first/last every game)


Defensive lineup considerations

  • Position substitutions are “free” – that is there are no limits to re-entry to the game/any position other than Pitcher/Catcher
    • Every player must play at least 3 innings (unless game runs out of time)
    • No player should sit on the bench in back-to-back innings
  • Unless there is a legitimate concern for safety, every effort should be made to allow each kid to experience all the positions (exception = Pitcher, where there needs to be a demonstrated ability to throw the ball in the area of the strike zone)



  • There is no stealing (a runner may leave the bag when the ball is hit in play)
  • Only 1 base on an overthrow (runners may NOT advance on an overthrow from the catcher back to the pitcher)
  • Dropped 3rd strikes will be considered an out and dead ball
  • If your catcher for the following inning is on base, and there are 2 outs, you may pinch run for the catcher so they may get their gear on.  The last available batter should be used as the pinch runner (i.e., whoever made the last out or scored last if the bases are loaded)



  • Mandatory:  Little League pitch count and rest requirements must be followed.
    • 9 – year old pitcher may pitch 3 innings or 75 pitches in a game (whichever comes first)

1 pitch in an inning constitutes 1 inning pitched

  • Each team should track pitch count for both pitchers and verify each half inning to ensure a proper count is maintained
  • Pitchers cannot pitch in back-to-back games (if games are 7 days or more apart then this rule does not apply)
  • You must pull your pitcher if he hits 3 batters in one inning
  • Please keep warm-ups to a minimum


Game Management

  • Games should be managed with the ideal of getting the kids as much playing time as possible and creating a fun experience
  • 5 run limit per inning (8 run limit in last inning)
  • “Last inning” must be confirmed by both coaches and umpire prior to its start
  • No new inning can be started after 1 hour 45 minutes
  • There is NO 10 – run or mercy rule in Carlton; this is still a developmental league and therefore we want to give the kids an opportunity to play.  
  • There are no forfeits in Carlton


Player Call-ups

  • Each team must have 9 players to make a game official
  • A designated list of Schmidt division players will be distributed if a team is faced with the possibility of having less than 9 players
  • If a Schmidt player is called-up and there is no longer a need for his services, that player should remain in the game (standard playing time rules apply)
  • Schmidt division call-ups may not play pitcher, catcher or 1st base


Safety Rules

  • No on-deck batter is allowed (no holding or swinging bats in/around the dugout)
  • All catchers must wear protective cup, dangler and use a catcher’s mitt


Coaching Rules/Guidelines

  • During games, no more than 3 coaches are allowed per team
  • No arguing of balls, strikes and outs – if there are concerns with the umpiring, please email Dave Stevenson
  • Teach respect for coaches, umpires and players (all skill levels)