Exton Little league

Tee Ball Guidelines

The Tee Ball division is intended to provide an introduction to baseball/softball in a fun environment that is focused on fundamentals of the game and the value and importance of teamwork.  It is intended for boys and girls with a league age of 4-6. Games and practices are held at the Ship Field complex Tee Ball field.

  • Maximum of 12 players on a team
  • 45-50 foot bases.
  • A standard game will last for four innings.
  • Scores are not kept and a winner/loser is not declared.
  • Every player in attendance bats each inning.  An inning is over when all the players have batted one time.  The last batter each inning “clears the bases” and runs all the way around the bases.
  • The ball is hit off a batting tee; coach pitch (see below) can be used beginning May 8; with coach discretion.
  • No more than 10 players in the field at a time (can use 4 outfielders if only 10 are in attendance to avoid having just one player on the bench).  If more than 10 players, then bench time should be evenly distributed.
  • Players should play the field in traditional positions and should have the chance to play all positions throughout the game/season.
  • There are no walks or strikeouts.
  • No stealing. Player stays on the base until the ball is hit.
  • To encourage an understanding of game fundamentals, and to reward success for fielding, force outs should be enforced, but all batters must bat regardless of number of “outs” that occur.   
  • Safety helmets must be worn by all batters. 
  • There is no on deck circle and only the batter should have a bat in his/her hand. Please teach the kids to drop the bat and not throw it.
  • Safety Balls are used - softer than a standard baseball.
  • Gloves – Ideally are 9-10" long (max)
  • Tee - adjustable, flexible tube on a moveable base.
  • Athletic footwear; cleats are not required.

COACH-PITCH (modification):  A coach (or assistant coach) throws the ball to the batter.  Overhand pitches can be thrown from one knee on the ground to put the pitcher at the same level as the batter. If the player is unable to hit the pitched ball after a pre-determined number of pitches (~5), the ball is then placed on a tee and the player's turn continues. Coach pitch will start at approximately the second half of the season.