Hello Exton Little League Parents and Coaches:

The Spring 2017 season will kick off with Softball Evaluations scheduled for February 12th (Sunday) at All Star Baseball Academy located at 417 Boot Road, Downingtown, PA. We would like to see every player league age 8-12 attend these evaluations so that we are best able to balance the softball teams and determine where your daughter is best placed within our Majors, Minor A and Minor B Divisions.  "League age" means the age that your daughter was on January 1, 2017.

Players should come dressed to play softball and bring their equipment (glove, mask, bat, helmet, etc.). They will need a glove, but if they do not have a bat or helmet, we will have some available for them to use.  Do not bring any softballs.

Evaluation Schedule (By "League Age" which means player's age as of Jan 1, 2017):
  • Softball Age 8: (born anytime in 2008) Registration: 5:45-6:00 Eval: 6:00-6:45
  • Softball Age 9: (born in 2007) Registration: 6:30-6:45 Eval: 6:45-7:30
  • Softball Age 10: (born in 2006) Registration: 7:15-7:30 Eval: 7:30-8:15
  • Softball Ages 11 & 12: (born in 2004 or 2005) Registration: 8:00-8:15 Eval: 8:15-9:00

*** Softball Evaluations are only for players league age 8-12 only ***

All Star Baseball Academy does not have space to allow parents to watch their daughters during the evaluations.  Parking is also very limited.  Therefore, we ask you to consider dropping off and picking up your daughter at the appropriate time. We appreciate your cooperation with this.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  We are looking for adult volunteers to help us administer the evaluations efficiently.  We are also looking for volunteers for Managers in the following Divisions:  Majors (league age 11 & 12), Minor A (league age 9 &10) and Minor B (league age 7 & 8).  Please contact the VP of Softball if you can volunteer to help at the evaluations and if you would like to be considered for a Manager position.

We look forward to seeing everyone at evaluations!